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Gutiérrez O., María Soledad
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Doctor en Química.
Universidad de Chile

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Áreas o Líneas de Investigación:
Química teórica computacional.

Investigación actual:
In the last years we have been interested in characterizing mechanisms, thermodynamic and kinetics aspects of chemical reactions through the adequate methodological elements that are provided by the Reaction Force analysis that partition the reaction coordinate in regions where different reaction mechanism may take place.


QIM100  Química General
QIM100I Química General I
QIM150  Química Física
QIM116  Química Fisica III


2014 - 2018:
The mechanism of hydrogenation reactions of amino acids precursors in the interstellar medium. Investigador responsable, Proyecto FONDECYT, 2014.

2013 - 2017:
Toward a theory of chemical reactions and reaction dynamics. Co-Investigador, Proyecto FONDECYT, 2012.

2010 - 2014:
Can be Glycine be formed in the interstellar medium. Investigador responsable, Proyecto FONDECYT, 2010.

2009 - 2013:
Using the reaction eletronic flux descriptor to characterize the mechanism of chemical reactions. Co-Investigador, Proyecto FONDECYT, 2009.

2007 - 2010:
Centro para la de investigación interdisciplinaria avanzada en ciencia de los materiales. Asociado, Proyecto FONDAP, 2007.

2007 - 2009:
Theroretical study of the mechanism of hydrogen transfer in antioxidant reactions. Investigador responsable, Proyecto FONDECYT, 2007.


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Premio de Tesis de Doctorado “ACADEMIA CHILENA DE CIENCIAS 2007”.

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