Juan Armijo M.
Phone: (56-2) 2354 4389
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Associate Professor
PhD in Chemistry
Universidad Santiago, 2004

Electrochemistry Group


The research carried out by the Bioelectrochemistry group is oriented to the design and characterization of new electrode materials, to be used as biosensors and electrochemical sensors for the determination of molecules of biological interest, such as neurotransmitters, thiols, catecholamines, drugs in general, Nucleic acids and DNA hybridization.

Electrochemical immunosensors are also developed for different biomarkers that are biological molecules found in the body and body fluids, and the control of their concentration allows to identify signs of normal, abnormal or different diseases, including cancer and stress.

In addition, studies are being developed to understand the phenomenon of Biocorrosion on different materials exposed to marine environments. Finally, different materials are being studied for applications in ion-sodium batteries.

All these studies are performed by different electrochemical techniques VC, EIS, SWV, SECM, morphological and structural characterization is performed by FE-SEM, AFM, STM, RAMAN, XPS, FTIR.