Tundidor Camba, Alain

Alain Tundidor
Phone:(56-2)-2354 1199
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Associate Professor
PhD in Chemistry
Universidad Católica de Chile, 2013





Our interest is focused on the use of synthetic organic chemistry to prepare new compounds that can be used as a starting material (monomers) in the synthesis of organic polymers. These new compounds have certain structural characteristics that help to understand the fundamental relationship between the molecular structure and the properties of the resulting materials.

One of the research lines we have worked on is the incorporation of bulky groups in the polymer chain, which improves certain macroscopic properties of the material as its processing and increases the free fraction volume, causing these materials to find application in the gas separation field.

We are currently investigating new types of microporous materials, which include Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs). The chains of this class of polymers cannot be packaged efficiently due to their stiffness and contorted molecular structures, making them excellent candidates for the formation of membranes that separate, capture and purify different gas mixtures, among which the carbon dioxide and methane.

In the line of porous polymers we are interested in studying new applications that we know could have these materials. These include: heterogeneous catalysis, hydrogen storage, controlled release, water purification, among others.