Terraza Inostroza, Claudio



Claudio Terraza I.
Phone: (56-2) 2354 4426
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Full Professor
PhD in Chemistry
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 1995.






Since 2010 I have carried out research on the synthesis of condensation polymers containing diverse quantities of silicon atoms in their repetitive unit. For this, it has been necessary to modify and to develop synthetic techniques where the silicon atom is incorporated to the repetitive units connected to four atoms of carbon, privileging the formation of the diphenyl moiety (Ph-Si-Ph). Thus, silylated materials of the type polycarbonates, polythiocarbonates, polyamides, polyimides, polyurethanes, polyazomethines, polyazines and diverse combinations of these organic functions have been synthesized. Likewise, and depending on the synthesized polymer family, it has been necessary to approach to diverse polymerization techniques, such as the processes in solution or interfacial. The structural characterization of monomers and polymers has been a central element in the advance of the research, task supported by IR and NMR analysis mainly.

On the other hand, the study of the properties of the polymeric materials embraces thermal aspects, of solubility, of electric conduction, photophysic behavior, surface analysis and the capacity to form thin films among others. In all the cases, it is propose the establishment of structure-property relationships and the possibility of proposing technological applications to the final material.

The development of these investigations have led me to participate as principal investigator and also as co-investigator in several Fondecyt projects, to supervise undergraduate and doctoral thesis, as well as to provide postdoctoral tutelage. At the present time, I am developing Fondecyt funded research on the synthesis and properties of silicon-containing polyazomethines of complex structure, which according to the specific structural details of the monomers construction, would present important photophysic and of electric conduction properties.