Ramírez Jofré, Galo

Galo Ramírez J.
Phone: (56-2) 2354 1439
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Associate Professor
PhD in Chemistry
Universidad de Santiago, 2005





Our research group works on the electro and photoelectrocatalysis area, by using carbon-based electrodes (graphite, graphene, carbon nanotubes and mixtures of them), which are functionalized with specific molecules and modified with azamacrocyclic compounds of transition metals. These new materials have been studied on reactions of environmental and energetic interest. From the environmental point of view, it is important to highlight the use of these materials as amperometric sensors of different analytes such as nitrites, nitrates, sulfites, hydrazine, phenols, etc. From the energetic point of view, these systems have been studied and developed as new materials used as electro and photoelectrocatalysts towards the oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reaction.

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