Alan Cabrera C.
(56-2) 2354 1542
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Assistant Professor
PhD in Chemistry
Universidad Católica de Chile, 2013

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Our group carries out research in the design, synthesis and characterization of coordination and organometallic complexes for technological use in the areas of homogeneous catalysis, molecular activation and development of luminescent devices. The development of these research lines focuses on compounds with active centers of elements of the main group (Boron and Aluminum mainly), as well as transition metals (Titanium, Zirconium, Nickel, Copper, Zinc). These compounds are studied as potential homogeneous catalysts in the case of transition metals (for polymerization of -olefins or polar monomers such as -caprolactones); activators of small molecules in the case of elements of the main group (for CO, CO2, H2, ethylene, epoxides, etc.), and active material in DSSC / LEEC in the specific case of Copper (I).

Finally, the group aims to develop a greener chemistry, for which we are investigating synthetic alternatives more environmentally friendly, with greater atom economy, looking for catalyzed processes, with less use of solvents and toxic substances. This is why we are exploring the use of transition metal coordination compounds in the photocatalytic activation of organic molecules for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds using visible light.


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