del Valle de la C., María Angélica

Del Valle de La Cortina, María Angélica

María Angélica del Valle de la C.

Phone: (56-2) 354 4405
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Full Professor
Doctor in Exact Sciences with specialization in Chemistry
Universidad Católica de Chile, 1992.






Dr. del Valle has consolidated her research on "Electrochemistry of conducting polymers", through successive projects with national and international funding, in which Chilean and foreign researchers have participated. She has also trained a significant number of young researchers (about 20 undergraduate theses and 15 doctoral theses).

Her line of research in the beginning focused on fundamental studies about the electropolymerization process. This allowed to postulate a model based on nucleation and growth mechanism, which to date is considered the most realistic to interpret said process. Based on this model it was possible to evolve towards the design and testing of applications of the new materials developed, with emphasis on sensors, biosensors and solar cells, as well as electrocatalysis and batteries.

Analogous studies are now being carried out based on electrochemically synthesized nano-structured polymeric materials, which are deposited directly on the electrode. The methods used for the electrosynthesis of polymer nanostructures have been developed in our laboratory, being pioneers worldwide.