The Graduate Chemist from PUC is a comprehensive, educated, competent and caring professional inspired by Christian values, with a wish to serve the Society, prioritizing ethics above technicalities, and the human person and the environment above matter.

The strong scientific and technical training received will allow him (her) to perform efficiently in the chemical production and processing industry, in research, assessment and advice on chemicals and chemical manufacturing, and in the Academc field. The Chemist UC is trained to perform and manage production, planning and quality control tasks in chemical industries, withan emphasis in continuous improvement, considering the latest and most recentadvances in science and technology, and integration in the R&D practice.

Also, the comprehensive training received promotes the development of intellectual autonomy, derived from knowledge of the sciences, arts and humanities in order to address various problems of man and society, and to act by integrated critical thinking, creativity, adaptation to change and work in multidisciplinary teams within an ethical and moral frame, according to the Christian principles and values of our University.


Recent graduates from our Faculty have found career opportunities within industries and business such as:

* Chemical Generation Industry: Petroleum chemistry, Metal and Non-Metal Mining, Inorganic, Cellulose, Oils and Dripping, Fuel and Solvents.

* Chemical Transformation Industry: Plastics, Rubber, Paint, Adhesives, Paper, Package, Textiles and Inks.

* Research and Development Centres.

* Certification and Quality Control Agencies.

* Academic teaching and research.

* Chemical Inputs merchandising and advice.

Degree structure